🇫🇷 Avignon to Mont Ventoux

26 Apr - 28 Apr 2024

Are you willing to take risks outside of work? Let’s cycle with TechBikers to find out!

Join 40+ TechBikers on April 26th to 28th 2024 in our quest to help kids all around the world get an education by raising money for Room to Read!

The ride

We’ll be cycling for 3 days in the beautiful Luberon area.

  • Day 1: Avignon to Gordes
  • Day 2: Gordes to Sault
  • Day 3: Sault to Malaucène (via Mont Ventoux — two possible ways)

The logistics

Train details to come soon.

There are 3 options:

  • You’re coming from Paris and have a bike. We can transport your bike to Avignon. You only have to drop off your bike at the daphni office (87 rue Réaumur, 75002 Paris) at least 2 days before the departure. Please let us know when you’ll drop your bike by reach out to Sophie sdc@daphni.com.
  • You’re coming from elsewhere and have a bike: You can of course take your own bike with you, but we won’t be able to transport it for you.
  • You don’t have a bike: No problem, we’ll bring a bike to Avignon for you! Our partner offers rentals for around €150, at your expense. Note that there will be electric bikes available as well.

The price will be revealed soon and is based on a shared room and includes:

  • Bike transfer from and returning to Paris
  • 2 nights (Friday & Saturday) accommodation
  • 2 (3-course) evening meals (Fri & Sat)
  • 2 Breakfast (Sat & Sun)
  • 3 lunches (Fri, Sat & Sun)
  • Luggage transfer
  • Support vehicles — with supplies, emergency transport & day bags
  • Medical and bike mechanic support
  • Refreshments during the ride (water, fruit, savoury & energy)
  • Route GPX and route information and advice
  • Video, photos
  • 5* service for sure!

Not included:

  • Transfer to Avignon
  • Transfer back to Paris
  • Bike hire

If you have any questions we forgot to answer, don’t hesitate to reach out to sdc@daphni.com.

The Requirements

To join this trip, you must raise at least €400 for Room to Read, and pay a €400 participation fee (half the actual cost of the trip).

The Charity

TechBikers’ selected charity is Room to Read. World change starts with educated children. In fact, if every child received an education, 171 million people would be lifted out of poverty. Room to Read is one of the foremost charities making this happen.

Our sponsors

The kind sponsors and supporters for this ride:

Reedsy — a community of 1,000,000 authors and freelance publishing professionals, turning ideas into beautiful books.

Daphni — a Paris-based Venture Capital (VC) firm that combines an accessible community of +300 experts and a digital platform

Mulebar — an innovative and sustainable sports nutrition company that makes energy gels and bars without preservatives, colorings or additives.

Past editions

Here’s some videos and articles about our most recent rides:


Do I have to be an expert cyclist?

Absolutely not. We want the group of riders to be as diverse as possible, and saying you’re a Lycra Goddess/God won’t make it any likelier that you’ll get accepted. What we care about is the TechBikers spirit, and that you’re excited about raising for Room to Read and connecting with likeminded folk.

How many cyclists can attend?

Up to 40 cyclists can join this ride. As part of our selection process, we’ll do our best to create the most diverse group. Original fundraising ideas will also be appreciated.

I don’t think I can raise €400, do I really have to?

Yes, you do. This is non-negotiable. It’s the whole reason for the ride, after all! But don’t worry, we have plenty of tips to help you raise this amount… from bake sales, to email templates and social media promotion. In the words of Bob the Builder(-ish): YES YOU CAN!

The ride contribution is expensive, can I just not pay it?

It’s a fully catered, fully organised weekend. Pretty much the only thing we don’t do for you is pedal. We really try to make it as affordable as possible, but it does cost money to get 30 to 50 people on the road safely, and ultimately, we want Room to Read to get as much money as possible. See it as an investment into your network, a somewhat expensive holiday (as if!), or the equivalent of two heavy weekends in London 😏

Can I pay more than €400 to contribute to the ride?

Yes, you absolute gold star. The full cost per rider is about €800, so the closer you get to this amount, the more of the leftover money we can add to the pot for Room to Read. We love you. No seriously, we do. In a non-creepy way.

What if I can’t make it last minute?

Organizing the ride costs money, and the rider contribution only covers part of the full cost of €800. If you cancel after you’ve signed up, we won’t be able to refund your contribution and we will require you to raise the €400 minimum donation for Room to Read regardless. If you find a replacement rider, that’s fine too, but this is your responsibility.

Terms & Conditions

  1. For this challenge TechBikers require a minimum registration fee of €400, and a maximum optional fee of €800. This will cover full costs, meaning more corporate sponsor money can go to Room to Read. Should you have to withdraw, there will be no refund payable to you as your sponsorship was raised for charitable purposes. You can nominate a replacement rider.
  2. Itineraries, schedules and accommodation may change and other alterations may occur which are beyond the control of TechBikers or daphni, the ground handlers for the event.
  3. TechBikers and our partners are unable to accept liability for any loss or damage; however arising (except for death or personal injury resulting from their own negligence), or for cancellation of the event for any reasons outside their control. In particular (but without limitation) TechBikers and our partners accept no responsibility for the loss of luggage carried for you in support vehicles, which should be adequately covered by your insurance.
  4. All of your sponsorship monies raised will go to Room to Read. The costs of your transport, accommodation, food, transfers, guides and back-up team will be paid to our ride organiser from corporate sponsorship and your registration fee.
  5. You must not suffer from alcohol or drug dependency. You must not have any prior criminal convictions. You must notify us if you are not in compliance with these conditions.
  6. You will be responsible for your own personal cycling equipment, for example your helmet, cycling kit, etc. It is a requirement that you must wear a helmet at all times whilst cycling on this challenge.
  7. You must have adequate travel documents, visas, and insurance that will cover you for the specific activities you will be undertaking.