TechBikers was born in 2012 from Google Campus in London as a means for the tech community to put down their laptops and pick up a bike to support charity, network, share ideas and spread the start-up vibe. Behind TechBikers was Eze Vidra, Benjamin Southworth, and Mark Jennings. Their work allowed to donate over £700,000 to charity.

In 2022, Emmanuel Nataf (Co-Founder of Reedsy), Eduardo Paperini (Investor at Breed Reply), Miguel Martinez (Co-Founder of SignalAI), and Harry Rhys Davies (Chief of Staff at Greyparrot), all participants to previous TechBikers events, decided to revive the community. We will be doing our first ride, from Faro to Lisbon in September 2022. Our goal is to enable many other rides to happen in the future.

To ensure that the maximum amount of money reaches Room to Read, the charity, we cover some of our ride costs with sponsorship. If you work in tech, enjoying cycling and want to make a tangible impact on millions of children and their community, please consider joining our rides.