Do I have to be an expert cyclist?

Absolutely not. We want the group of riders to be as diverse as possible, and saying you’re a Lycra Goddess/God won’t make it any likelier that you’ll get accepted. What we care about is the TechBikers spirit, and that you’re excited about raising for Room to Read and connecting with likeminded folk.

I don’t think I can do the fundraising, do I really have to?

Yes, you do. This is non-negotiable. It’s the whole reason for the ride, after all! But don’t worry, we have plenty of tips to help you raise this amount… from bake sales, to email templates and social media promotion. In the words of Bob the Builder(-ish): YES YOU CAN!

The ride contribution is expensive, can I just not pay it?

It’s a fully catered, fully organised weekend. Pretty much the only thing we don’t do for you is pedal. We really try to make it as affordable as possible, but it does cost money to get 30 to 50 people on the road safely, and ultimately, we want Room to Read to get as much money as possible. See it as an investment into your network, a somewhat expensive holiday (as if!), or the equivalent of two heavy weekends in London :smirk:

Can I pay more than the suggested ride contribution?

Yes, you absolute gold star. Half the cost per rider is covered by our partners, so the closer you get to this amount, the more of the leftover money we can add to the pot for Room to Read. We love you. No seriously, we do. In a non-creepy way.

What if I can’t make it last minute?

If you cancel after you’ve signed up, we won’t be able to refund your contribution and we will require you to raise the minimum donation amount for Room to Read regardless. If you find a replacement rider, that’s fine too, but this is your responsibility.